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Cruxx Climbing began in the small town of Laramie, WY in 2014. Founded, owned, and run entirely by women, we make chalkbags out of donated materials.

Originally recognized for our crash pad design, Cruxx is focused on supporting the community. We have sponsored local events like the University of Wyoming’s 2017 BANFF raffle, the University of Wyoming's bouldering competitions and the 2015 Wyoming Bouldering Series. It isn’t a lot right now, but someday we hope to make a difference. Someday we want to sponsor climbers - helping men and women live the dream of climbing for a living. Someday we aspire to be successful enough to raise money to clean up public climbing spaces and maintain bolts. We want to inspire new climbers to love the sport. We want to make a difference in the climbing world for the better.

As of today we are just getting off the ground. We give what we can, provide the best work environment our employees could ask for, and create unique, upcycled products for our fellow climbers.

Our handmade,

upcycled chalk bags

Our chalk bags help old fabric and discarded clothing find a new life. These soft bags are lined with fleece and reinforced with water-resistant ballistic nylon. Because we use recycled fabric, no two bags are exactly the same. If you see one you like, act fast! Once its gone, its gone!